Carl Denaro’s
‘The Son of Sam’ and Me

Co-written with True Crime author Brian Whitney

Includes Never Revealed Correspondence Between Denaro and David Berkowitz

The long, hot summer of 1976 in New York City was melting into Autumn. Carl Denaro was only 20 years old. Little did Carl know his life was about to change forever. David Berkowitz was allegedly just outside his car. A gun started going off. And the story just begins from here.

Carl Denaro

One of the only people who survived the wrath of David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz is Carl Denaro. Now in his mid-60s, Carl has decided its time to talk about the incident where he was shot five times and left a metal plate in his head. Perhaps more importantly, Carl addresses his belief that Berkowitz didn’t act alone – a claim supported by Son of Sam himself. The NYPD still disputes the theory.

The book contains rarely-seen documents and police photos from the crime scene and case. Get inside the vehicle where Carl was shot.

Why Did They Call David Berkowitz ‘Son of Sam’?

In his first letter, the serial killer referenced his neighbor, Sam Carr. Carr had a dog, Harvey, who Berkowitz said was possessed by an ancient demon that issued commands he must kill people. Berkowitz claimed he could not disobey the Labrador Retriever. Later in life, Berkowitz would recant the story and claim he acted alone. Many doubts remain and Carl Denaro tackles them in ‘The Son of Sam’ and Me